Mondayitis Motivation: Are You Making Offers Yet?

Seriously …you can fluff around with grand plans to make money online, setting up a Squidoo page, a blog, a product review site, playing with PPC.

Reading blogs from other people (yes like me) who are telling you what to do …Well, that just ain’t going to cut it!

That’s why I am going to publish a short serious of posts over the coming months, in the hope that they may just be enough to inspire you to get back to a blank page and do some work!

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Mondayitis Motivation Tip #1

First up:

  • Make an offer
    Everything starts here, how can you expect to recieve money if you haven’t made an offer yet. An offer can be

    • An info product is about the easiest offer you can make and it delivers itself (how to’s sell well if they solve a specific problem).
    • Research, rewrite and improve someone else’s pdf until it becomes unmistakably yours.
    • It don’t have to be all fancy like, just get something up and tweak it later.
    • Start with a 5 page PDF for $1 (sold as a secret or trick).
      • Name it via a keyphrase with some traffic and low competition.
      • Get it up (hosted online) and attach a Paypal button to it.
      • Wrap a WordPress blog with a sexy theme around it.
      • Set up a manageable, regular posting schedule for your blog.
      • Start syndicating your content.
    • If you sell one copy, increase the value:
      • It sold …now its worth investing some time back into the product (not before). Don’t go perfecting something you will never sell.
      • Avoid making promises you can’t keep.
      • Add more value to your pdf and sell it as a $7.95 report.
      • Make sure you communicate the value to your readers.
    • Keep the visitors that aren’t buying:
      • When you have sold 5 copies take half your profit and get an email list; capture form, and management account.
      • Give away that old $1 version in return for getting email list subscribers.
      • Set up a series of automated emails that deliver good content, express your character and plug your product/offers.
      • Add more value to your pdf and sell it as a $29.95 ebook.
      • Broadcast the increased value to your email list via your automated email list manager.

Get the picture?

Make an offer as fast and easy as you can, quick and dirty. It can be the worst ebook on internet – trust me, I have seen plenty of those out there making a tidy income on autopilot.

While your own product will be the solid foundation of a future business, affiliate marketing (selling other peoples info products for a commission) is an easy way to get your feet wet. Just take some time to pick one really good product » Like this one « and stick to it. By it, master it and become the self appointed poster boy for it!

I spent – near on – one year, before I made any half decent cash online. The truth is that any of the systems (ebooks and courses) you can buy will work …If you follow them through to the point of making an offer, but you have try a few systems out first before you find that one that your most comfortable with.

This is not just ‘making money online’, how you make money online is a whole new learning curve and career change that is often packaged up to look as easy as 1, 2, 3 (because that’s what you want to hear and making buy Internet Marketing products). The reality is WORK, committed and consistent work towards a finished product or offer. If your doing anything else, call that STUDY.

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